Prayer Results

Matthew 6:4b GNT
And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.
When we pray privately, according to God’s word, God will answer us with the tangible, or visible, manifestations of the answer. Most of our prayers should be personal, heartfelt conversations with God, our Heavenly Father. Sure, we pray with others and God hears and answers those prayers too, but lets not fall into the trap of only praying publicly. God desires uninterrupted, personal time to fellowship with you. Most of our prayers should be private and personal. No one may see and hear but God, and he said he will reward you openly. Everyone will see the results of your prayers. Pray in secret and God will hear you and bless you for everyone to see. Keep praying and winning in life!
Prayer – Father, I thank you for always hearing me and answering my prayers. It is an honor and a privilege to spend time alone in your presence everyday. Amen.