Plan to Win

Proverbs 24:6 NCV
So you need advice when you go to war. If you have lots of good advice, you will win.
No one is a self-made man. We have received valuable information from others that has made us what we are today. The word of God says, wise counsel and good advice is necessary for us to win in life. We should never make major decisions without receiving wise advice, or counsel, from wise people God has placed in our lives. We must plan to win before we can expect to win in life. Through wise counsel we can develop a strategic plan for victory. Time spent planning is not wasted time. When we plan to win, winning will be a reality in our lives. Keep planning, expecting, and winning!
Prayer – Father, I thank you for the people you’ve placed in my life to give me wise counsel. I will receive council and will not act hastily when making decisions. I will plan to win in life, in Jesus name.