The Most Important Things

Acts 6:4 KJV But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.
Have you heard the saying, “Seems like there are not enough hours in a day”? I don’t know about you, but I can get busy with the business of life. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who puts me in check to make sure I do the most important things which are ministry of the word and consistently praying. These are the major keys to winning in every situation in our lives. The enemy loves for us to get so busy with the business of daily living that we cut back on our praying and devotion to the word. He would love for us to disconnect from our life source, but we have a helper who lives inside of us. The Holy Ghost puts us in remembrance of what the most important things are. We must purpose to never get too busy and break our lifestyle of reading and praying everyday. These are the most important things to win in life. A wordless and prayerless life is a life headed for destruction. Thank God we always win because we always devote quality time to the ministry of the word and prayer to our Heavenly Father.

Prayer- Father, I thank you for your word and the privilege of prayer. Help me to never get too busy with the affairs of life that I don’t pray and read your word. Thank you for every benefit and every promise in your word. I purpose to be more diligent in the things of God. I will read your word and pray more consistently than before. I will not skimp on the word of God and prayer another day in my life!